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Hello Everyone,

Rob here…

Today I’ll be reviewing Capture the Flag Redux

Ok, I know this isn’t Laser Tag, but I suppose this falls in to the meta-category of “wholesome family fun that does not involves sitting in front of a screen”

Capture the Flag Redux (pronounced Re-Do – I was pronouncing it “re-ducks” for longer than I should have) is a modern take on the very popular game we all used to play at summer camp or church retreats, that involves teamwork, strategy and most importantly PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!  Hm..sounds like a sport.  But what sports make you feel like you’re part of a military operation without the risk of getting your brains blown out?? Hmmmmmmmm

Pros of Capture the Flag Redux:

Well first off, the lights.  Why is it that everything played in the dark is so much more fun?  Plus the younger ones (not too young!) can get in on the action without the parents worrying so much, because everyone is clearly visible with the bracelets on.

Another PRO is that for parents who don’t like their children playing with guns of any kind (NOT ME, obviously), CTF is the closest thing to get that pseudo-military teamwork feel and excitement, without using toy guns.

For those parents who don’t have the same concerns, the lights do wonders to spice up your usual laser tag experience.  Kind of like Cosmic Bowling.

Cons of Capture the Flag Redux:

As other people who’ve purchased the product have commented, sometimes in the heat of the game, a bracelet may break.  To be honest, they are a tad on the flimsy side.  But I can attest to the awesome customer service of this company.  They sent us new ones, no questions asked.  I mean, ideally, the stuff wouldn’t break to begin with; but it’s good to know the company knows the common issues of their product and respond to issues immediately.


Capture the Flag Redux is a blast for both kids and adults.  I wholeheartedly recommend this product.  There is tons of replayability due to the numerous game variations.  You will not regret this purchase. You and your kids will create a whole lot of great memories playing this game.  For even more fun, you can add laser tag to the mix, but it’s great as a standalone product, as well.

Ok I’ve said my peace.  Check out what others have to say about the game right here.


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