Review: Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack


My brother-in-law, who’s always had so much fun at our Laser Tag infused holiday and birthday get-togethers, went out and bought himself a couple sets of taggers for his family. Being the diligent analyst he is, he concluded that the Kidzlane Laser Tag Game Mega Pack (aka Kidzlane taggers, KTs) would be best suited for his younger children and their other cousins and friends.

He brought them over for Thanksgiving and we gave them a test drive.

Overall, I was impressed.

These taggers are considerably different from the Phoenixes, which are my “go-to guns”

These definitely look and feel like kids’ toys. Fancy kid toys…but still kid toys.

The Good: Pros of the Kidzlane Laser Tag Game Mega Pack

Let’s just run through a quick features list:

  • 4 team modes, which are indicated by a different color of light
  • Choice of 4 gun settings – pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket, each with their strengths and limitations
  • Life meter
  • Vibration when shooting or when hit
  • No vest necessary; the target sensor is on the tagger
  • Uses 4 AA batteries vs 6 for the Phoenixes

Sounds pretty cool, right?

The Bad: Cons of the Kidzlane Laser Tag Game Mega Pack

There are only a few drawbacks to this tagger in my opinion. The tagger does not give you any additional starting life options, which means there’s no room for handicapping when playing with less experienced players. There’s also no sight and are the sensors are a tad more sensitive than I would’ve liked, which seemed to compensate for not being able to aim with a sight. It’s pretty much point and shoot. The range for the KTs is only 130 feet vs 350 to 400 feet on the Phoenixes, which is not much of an issue when it’s just a bunch of young kids playing and just having fun.

That said, it’s a very high quality product. The KTs are fairly sturdy and at under $30 per tagger, you can’t beat the price for what you get. I do personally prefer the Phoenixes; but if the taggers are to be used primarily by kids ages 6 to 11, I would lean toward the KTs. The kids seem to love the multiple gun modes, which is not an option on the Phoenixes. And I never seem to get tired of hearing, “Poooosssh! *imitating explosion noise* I got you Uncle Bobby!”

You can check out the latest price and reviews on Amazon.


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